Can You Escape Haunted House?

You are awakening on strange desert asylum, don’t remember who you are and how you got here! Find your way out, dare to plunged in the alternate reality where you cannot differentiate between dream and reality. Who is saint and who is the devil? Play the first ever psychological 3D action and adventure game, Can You Escape Haunted House?
Get ready to play most thrilling and challenging simulation on Google play store. Prepare to roam inside scary haunted asylum ruins and track your way out of the unlocked doors. Complete unique mysteries and deadly traps long forgotten to be solved. The dangerous obstacles will always keep you over adrenaline filled rush to understand the creative puzzle with intriguing environment. Desperate time breaking up and it will force you to clear this psychopath thrilling mysteries checking your mental health. Follow the intriguing script and watch out for the hidden clues. Can you escape from the day dream and manipulate odds in your favor when you are losing sanity?

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