Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space on Android – seemingly evil birds already everywhere were their showdowns, it turns out not everywhere! In the new version of the beloved Angry Birds Space saga, as well as in all previous episodes, you have to destroy the hated pigs, calmly located on all elevations and in secluded niches. But only the situation is in space, where there are peculiarities of movement – birds become small cosmonauts, whose direction of motion is influenced by the gravitational fields of the surrounding celestial bodies. Beyond these fields, the bird flies smoothly, and as soon as it comes under the influence of such a field, it is attracted to the planet. You need to shoot birds both outside the field, and being under his influence. In addition, you can not avoid the moments when you will be under the influence of just two gravitational fields of celestial bodies close to each other. The game has become even more interesting, so try your hand at gravitational space!

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