Call of Mini: Zombies

Call of Mini – Zombies (Zov Mini Zombies) – another action with zombies for android, where the main goal is to stay alive. To do this, the main character has 13 types of weapons with the possibility of improvement. To improve, you will need game money, and that to earn them you need to kill zombies and the more you kill, the more money you will earn! Even in the game there is the possibility of discovering new characters that differ not only in appearance and price, but also in their abilities.
Perhaps you will notice the similarity with the minigore, but unlike it, there is a very large variety of monsters: ordinary green zombies, lilac zombies, nurses, “wolverines,” fat bosses, policemen bombing and so on … Particularly pleased with the location of the camera with a view From the back, in contrast to the view from the top of the mini-mountain. Beautiful graphics with decent blood animation is undeniably pleasing to the eye.

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