The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats is an arcade game combining elements of tower defense and action in wall-to-wall style. On the game location on the different sides of the screen are the bases of your opponents, your task is to destroy the enemy tower and not let you capture yours. Despite this militant aspect, the game is performed in a good-natured atmosphere, and complemented by its amusing characters. Having collected an army of strange, but from no less than lovely seals, go to the conquests, the locations are located all over the world. Dozens of improvements and bonuses will help you and your team to win in such an important battle. The Genius of The Battle Cats for Android in its simplicity, selecting one of the characters just tapap to the screen and your furry soldier will do what is required of him. It is worth noting and a well-developed social component that allows you to play not only alone, but with the participation of other gamers. Well, the main advantages of The Battle Cats can be attributed to its versatility, because the game mechanics is that people of all ages will find in it something interesting.

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