The Sims FreePlay

The Sims for android – All fans of “Sims” are given a unique opportunity to enjoy the game. First of all, create your own unique character – choose gender, face shape, skin color, choose a profession and dress to your liking. The game provides the opportunity to create up to 16 characters. In order for your Sims to be cozy, you need to give him different tasks – from simple type to go to the toilet, to a difficult type to go to work or talk to a neighbor through the fence. It is interesting to note that you live with your pet synchronously, i.e. If you have a night, then he too, you have a day and he is awake too! In addition, you need to develop your hero and improve his welfare to purchase all the benefits of civilization – send him to work, where he will receive the game currency. The game currency can also be obtained for planting vegetables in the garden, performing small tasks, increasing the level. And of course, you need to equip the house, where everything is according to your taste. The main thing is that there is enough money for everything! Take a pet and break the garden on the site, and pamper yourself on the weekend with pastries. In general – live a full life, build new car dealerships, supermarkets and shops, increase the scale of the city to accept new residents, build relationships with neighbors and other people through handshakes, slaps and hugs! In the end, I want to add that the game can easily capture you for many weeks, especially since in fact the game is endless!

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