Boardefuse is a free turn-based puzzle game and an affordable brain simulator in one application. It not only offers unique and interesting gameplay, but also improves memory, strategic abilities and planning skills. The rules are simple: deactivate all the bombs on the board until you run out of life. To do this, create a chain from the bomb with the symbol “B” to each of the active bombs and finish the move. Numbers on the bomb mean how many bombs in front of it must be connected: if it’s 1 – then there must be one bomb in front of it, if there are 2 – then two, and so until 9. But simple rules do not mean that everything will be easy. Each turn the situation becomes more difficult, each level appears more bombs and you have to find new solutions. Neutralize the bomb this turn or next? Which bomb to activate in order to avoid losing? To risk or believe in luck? Try it and you will see it.

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