Highway Getaway: Chase TV

Highway Getaway: Chase TV – it’s time to drive a prohibitively high speeds, prepare your device, select the game and forth to conquer the rankings table. And although at first glance, this game is similar to the most common race, it is not. One unique feature is the random generation of maps, as well as the random generation of different cars in the middle of the road. This game is very difficult, unlike their counterparts, and has a set of elements, bonus and gains. And also a lot of different cars and the ability to tune them. In the world ranking table will be all who will challenge time and endless road.
tserialy their production. So a new game called Surely You Quest – Magiswords or swords and adventure – Magimechi no exception. The basis of the plot of the game is taken the new animated series called Mighty magimechi as in the original game you have to help the two brothers to win the Royal Tournament, the success of the enterprise depends on the choice of magical weapons. Game mechanics, in turn, combines several directions, so feel free to go on a trip and you will be satisfied.

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