Cat Drone Flight Simulator

cat drone flight simulator :
get ready for the best new thing cats have a new way to escape when a dog chase them.
they just fly away and escape through the sky over the city . no more getting stuck in tree’s . its a cats dream come true . and leaves the dog in confusion behind.
avoid all the objects in town .
Cat Drone Flight Simulator :
fly high through the sky over the city. you need to follow with precision the map instructions .
watch out you dont hit any object with your blazing kitty drone follow the road with precision and then make your self ready to fly through the sky. and dont forget your instructions map
cat drone flight simulator Features :
+ one of the greatest kitty flight simulation games online
+ exciting planes with realistic steering controls for precision flying
+ challenges to become the world’s best kitty drone
+ Win all the challenging missions in town
+ many different camera angles to achieve excellent precision driving skills and steering control
+ On screen steering wheel and brake/gas pedals

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