Car Mechanic Job: Simulator

Car Mechanic – a series of simulators in which you are given the role of the owner of the car-care center, while depending on the game you can be either a simple auto mechanic or the owner of a whole network of auto repair shops. The popularity of Car Mechanic is so high that, in addition to the original version from the PlayWay SA studio, all sorts of analogues and clones began to appear, as well as the studio with an impressive name. Car Simulator Crafting & Building FPS Arcade Games decided to release its own version of this project and it is worth noting that the game turned out well, and came out under the name Car Mechanic Job: Simulator. So Car Mechanic Job: Simulator will provide you with a wide selection of cars, a wide range of spare parts, all kinds of breakages and defects, as well as the opportunity to repair the machine after the repair in action.

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