Empire Warriors TD

Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle – a game on android, which combines the two genres of strategy and role-playing game. In this game you will be transferred to a fantastic continent called Loria, where people, goblins, elves, gnomes, orcs, trolls and other monsters coexist. In this game, your task will be to defend your lands from enemies, building defensive towers and fighting with enemies. Use the properties of the numerous towers in the game such as: Baraksky, Archer and Golem and use an improved strategy, defeating enemies. The game features several game modes that will not let you get bored and you can play with your friends. Travel and explore the various locations of the continent and achieve excellent results.
In Empire Warriors TD an excellent RPG component, with the help of Rune you can modify the characters at your discretion, and the game has taken on all the best of the excellent Tower defense Kingdom rush and Realm Defense. What else? Pleasant graphics and excellent voiceovers of Heroes and Towers, Pleasant game of the Lord !!!

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